Our Story

We’re excited to share with you that as of July 1, 2023, our offices Franklin Square Orthodontics, Vitkus Orthodontics and Raineri Orthodontics have officially joined under one new name! Our new practice name will now be:

Sirius is the brightest star in our sky, shining twice as bright as the next brightest. The name Sirius Orthodontics was born to emphasize what our team aims for each day: We work to create healthy, beaming smiles while striving to be the brightest part of our patients’ day!  

In 2016 Dr. Lauren Vitkus opened her first practice, Vitkus Orthodontics in Geneva, NY. Born in Watertown and having grown up in the Syracuse area, Dr. Vitkus always knew she wanted to be able to provide care for patients in the Syracuse and surrounding areas. In 2020 an opportunity arose for her to join one of the area’s leading Invisalign experts, Dr. Michael Meharg at Franklin Square Orthodontics. Practices similar in size and culture, the partnership proved to better serve patients by combining treatment strengths and a shared passion for first-class care.  After a wonderful couple of years working together, Dr. Meharg happily and deservingly retired earlier this year.  Please join us in congratulating him on a successful career as we wish him all the best in his retirement!

With the end of one chapter comes the beginning of another.  Dr. William Raineri has been practicing orthodontics in the Liverpool and Baldwinsville areas since 1982.  With Dr. Meharg nearing retirement, desiring further collaboration, Dr. Vitkus and Dr. Raineri connected in 2022 and Dr. Vitkus began working in his practice part time.  After much thought and consideration the decision was made to join the offices. Sirius Orthodontics was born!  Sirius Orthodontics will now encompass all of our offices.  This newest partnership is once again aimed at not merely maintaining our quality of treatment but building upon it.  Our union will allow us to invest more into our offices and our team to better serve our communities.  We’re excited for the future and welcome you to join us!