Meet Dr. William Raineri

Dr. Raineri graduated with a degree in biology from Kings College in 1976. He then went on to earn his DDS from Temple University in 1980 and subsequently studied the orthodontics  specialty at Eastman Dental Center, University of Rochester and graduating in 1982. 

That same year, Dr. Raineri was thrilled to be invited to join the premier orthodontic practice in Central New York working under Dr. Donald H. Baxter, one of the pioneering fathers of the orthodontic specialty. In Dr. Raineri’s words, Dr. Baxter created “just spectacular smiles” beginning in 1946 and Dr. Raineri is proud to continue that legacy today. Inspired by his own teacher, Dr. Raineri went on to become a professor of orthodontics at the University of Rochester, teaching other orthodontists the principles and practices of maximized esthetics. 

Over the years Dr. Raineri has developed a unique combination of mastery. Formerly an NCAA All-American swimmer, he later became a certified strength and conditioning coach. Currently, he holds advanced Black Belts in martial arts and enjoys long-distance running. He holds a masters degree in neuro linguistic psychology and his research interests are in the interaction of physical appearance, cognitive function, and self-esteem. For Dr. Raineri orthodontics are a tool not just to create beautiful smiles, but also to create beautiful human beings. 

“I love orthodontics! Where else can you witness someone who is shy, quiet and self-conscious, become happy, outgoing and self-confident? What an opportunity! For me, orthodontics has always been about this transformation.”

He has been a proud consultant to following organizations:

  • Department of Plastic Surgery at Upstate Medical Center
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • US Olympic Committee

Dr. Raineri resides in Liverpool with his wife, Mary. They’ve been married since 1977 and have three adult daughters Jennifer, Kristin and Beth. The couple enjoys spending time with family, including their four grandchildren.